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I'm just an ordinary scientist who is driven by scientific curiosity and unlimited passion to make invention in any topics of research conducted with my small groups.
    My philosophy on science : the main task of a scientist is NOT to develop a great science, but to generate invention in a scientific way, no matter how small or great it is. I do believe an invention would contribute to the human life although no one can mention (nor even knows) when, where and how it would be... The greatness of our work should NOT be the main purpose, since that is justified by anyone else, the domain of public audience and in some sense the matter of time. Secondly, I always let my wild mind to explore new possibilities across the fields as long as there is a possibility to discover new invention within my ability in an appropriate time frame.
    Therefore, I put a lot of efforts to educate and supervise my students and group-mates through my research. Much more than the researches itself, I am proud very much of them, and wish all of them to be great scientists in the future ! That is the least claim I can make, and the only proof that I might already contribute little to my people...;-).
    Lastly, I initiated this site since 1995 as a part of my public responsibility since I am a public servant in Indonesia. I try to put all results of our works without selecting the good ones among them. It's up to you to evaluate them and score my achievements (if any). I'd like to apologize if it has not yet satisfied your expectations !
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